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[tab]Participant  Name: Surbhi gite
University: Mumbai university
Country : India[/tab]
[tab]Space in theatre- ramnagar ki ramleela
Indian theatre has been a consolidated art form and an artistic formation which brings together number of art disciplines like dance, music, crafts, literature and architecture. This project illustrates Indian theatrical performance Ramnagar Ki Ramleela with parameters like characters, costumes, makeup, expressions, props, dance, music, crafts and other art disciplines and analyses it’s relationships with town Ramnagar, it’s spaces, people, culture, history and social & economic conditions of the town. Indian Theatrical Performance Ramleela engages itself with multiple spaces of Ramnagar and integrates itself with people, cultures, traditions, occupations and geography of the town. It becomes a weave and a combination of multiple elements and events of the town. It explores various relationships and dependability between them. Engaging with various elements and spaces of Ramnagar, Ramleela explores new methods of teaching and learning theatre as there is a constant exchange of ideas between theatre and other art forms. It becomes a system of multiple events, people and disciplines coming together to make one performance. This system perceives theatre by engaging and intervening into multiple events, activities, disciplines and their authentic working spaces. It is a process which is constantly moving, changing and transforming.  Ramleela is not only a theatrical performance but it is a theatrical tradition of generations and a deep approach to study, acknowledge and perceive theatre. So this kind of theatrical performance is not only a performance but it almost becomes an institution which allows the flexibility to study theatre which integrates itself with cities, people, cultures and geographies and multiple art forms. It becomes a medium to study theatre and its influences on much deeper level.
This project intends to investigate other institutional systems which allow one to perceive theatre today. It also intends to build relationship between newer theatrical tradition and old theatrical tradition through studying Ramleela.
DESIGN INTENT: Intervention Design leads to radical re-imagination of the way in which the pedagogy of teaching theatre is perceived and encourages exchange of ideas between traditional theatrical art forms and modern institutional systems of theatre. Design intents to dismantle the rigidity and permanence in systems and spaces of theatre and allows theatre the flexibility to have deeper meanings
and interpretations maintaining the relationship with our traditional theatrical art forms. That flexibility and movement allows new generations to add or subtract new interventions and new fabrics to the existing spaces and art forms of theatre. This design dismantle can enable the role of the new imagination of theatre within everyday life informing theatre as well as supplying economic and cultural validation to the existing practices in Ramnagar.
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