The Ribbon House is a 16,000 sf single family residence located in a secluded hillside location of Los Angeles. In addition to the many specific programmatic requirements, the clients requested the residence to have a modern style with an open feel that takes advantage of the Southern California climate. Looking to the modernist ideals for inspiration, the indoor/outdoor connection was emphasized and large covered overhangs to minimize glare from the south and west facing elevation were used.
Project Description: Ribbon House
Location: Los Angeles
Status: Schematic Design

Alain and Pierre collaborated on the design and utilized a continuous undulating curvilinear element to both unify the large structure while also breaking down the mass to relate to a human scale.  This allows each of the primary rooms to have a unique distinguishable identity. The 2nd floor and roof were considered as horizontal elements that engage and intersect with the curvilinear form providing a dynamic play. The resultant architecture carries a timeless modern feel to it. An insulated formed concrete shell creates the structure and envelope. Wood inlay planking is used in the ceiling to provide warmth and smaller scale detail to the residence.

Profile: Alain Yotnegparian Architects
The goals of each project undertaken by Yotnegparian Architects is to provide a high level design that innovates through a distinctive modern approach with the pursuit of originality.  Creating meaningful and exciting design that positively responds to the project requirements.  Components of these goals are to remain sensitive to the surroundings, natural environment and the client’s programmatic needs. The progressive design philosophy assumed by the firm allows for a modern take on the use of materials and technology which is reflected in the creativity of each project. The firm leaders, Alain Yotnegparian and Pierre Derbier embrace these goals and philosophy.