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[tab]Participant  Name: Zsuzsánna Nonn
Country : Hungary[/tab]
[tab]Residential houses in Solymár
The place is located next to the capital city. The residents of garden city commute. Typically they return home to relax. They stay at home the evening and weekends. Large private garden maintenance isn’t necessary for them, but they love their own green space. The type of installation meets these needs.
The roadways are short. The installation and the new road network retains the allocation of agricultural land. The buildings are located along the north-south axis. This arrangement ensures proper orientation of the apartment buildings, so where’s the facades of the east, where western orientation, but always bright. The building’s exterior load-bearing walls are in one bounding wall too. In this scale, it is the most economical structure and is also the most flexible. The mechanical system and structure of houses and is efficient and modern. The appearance of houses is clean, simple. The large public green spaces are connected the brook.
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