Third Award | Pop-Ups & Temporary

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[tab]Participant  Name: Ira Kataria
University: Jamia Millia Islamia
Team Member: Ashley Grover
Country : India[/tab]
[tab]Paper Spindle
In India often, work on construction sites  goes on for about 3 years or more. Workers need to move their dwellings from one construction site to another. Thus the housed provided by builders to them is temporary, in habitable and lack even the basic living necessities.
So there is a strong need for a design meant for the construction workers and their families  where the quality of life is dignified. The project ‘paper spindle’ focuses on designing a module which is portable, self sustainable and cost effective . The walls of the module are  made up of paper tubes  (treated with paraffin waterproofing) which can be dismantled and reused.
Agro base panels are used in the roof and the base which can be made by binding several by-products such as saw dust, bagese, rise husk, coconut shell waste, cotton stalk with a suitable resin. There is abundance of these materials in India as it has a huge agricultural sector.
The design focuses on making the investment by the builder on the project as close to zero as possible. so facilities are provided for fresh water and  reusing grey water  for growing  bio fuel plants and for flushing purposes. Bio gas plants at small scale are provided which can be easily made with waste materials in a construction site for producing electricity making the design self sustainable and a win win situation for both the workers as well as the builder
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