Off-Grid Oasis is a research station located in Iceland. Its designed to house two astrologers studying the sky activities. To provide a comfortable living space against the cold climate of Iceland while performing research, the cabin is designed with passive design strategies and active systems to achieve a net zero energy usage, including a south pitched roof for photovoltaics; a north pitched roof to maximize solar gain; as well as a vented trombe wall for active heating and cooling. With these features the cabin performs maximum efficiency while minimizing the impact to the site.
Designers: Julie Niu, Yidan Wang
Candidates of University of Waterloo School of Architecture
Location: Iceland
Status: Environmental Design Project Concept Design
Completed Winter 2017

Yidan Wang

Yidan Wang grew up in Hangzhou, China and immigrated to Canada when she was eleven. She is currently a candidate for Bachelors of Architecture at University of Waterloo School of Architecture, located in Cambridge, ON. Friendly, a huge animal lover, fast learner and down to earth are a few traits of hers. She is fluent in both English and Chinese, Mandarin and appreciates growing up with the exposure, influence and inspirations of multiple cultures.
Yidan grew up playing piano and majored in Musical Theatre in high school. She loves all types of arts including visual arts, photography, culinary arts, and graphic arts. Her art and music background is a major drive for her passion in architecture and design. She strongly believes that we all live to learn, and every art form can be applied to another in some way. As well, everything she learns is an opportunity to develop a new skill and interest that can be applied to other works and designs. She strives to take challenges and to explore what she can learn each day.