This 41st floor modern and spacious city apartment is located in Seyrantepe, Istanbul. The layout is combined of a large spacious living room, kitchen ,a room,  one master bedroom within a cozy bathroom and a closet.
Type: Residential // Apartment
Size: 140sqm
Location: Istanbul // Turkey
Year: 2018

Our design aproach  was to create a  modern and comfortable  environment that reflected  the clients  lifestyle at its best.

The entrance, kitchen and living room are designed on an open plan. In order to create a more spacious ambient,  the kitchen  walls are partly  teared down and replaced  with iron glass doors.

Master bedroom includes an integrated bathroom and a walk in closet.

In the living area wood surfaces are mixed graciously with marble surfaces, stylish and functional furnitures designed by escapefromsofa combined with iconic pieces, throughout every single space in the apartment.

In the kitchen modern marble surfaces combined with glass , iron and wood ceiling detail.

Escapefromsofa is a design studio established in Istanbul in 2009. Catering to various design needs like interior and product design. Escapefromsofa creates high profile solutions by nurturing the contextual and contemporary values of their demographics . We, at escapefromsofa strive to create rich experiences for our clients and their market, with our humble approach towards design considering the disparities in our daily lifes. We enjoy working with new and emerging materials and technologies. We believe in simplicity and worship the details.