This academic project was developed at Technische Universität Kaiserslautern  with  the theme “Kontext Vorsprung”, under the supervision of Prof. Marco Zünd. The site is an old Novartis industrial Campus, currently not in use.
Architects: Vera Neves
Status: Concept

The main idea is to preserve the memory of the industrial architecture that already existed in the area, creating a new net of buildings and public spaces, oriented in a comb structure, orthogonal to the main building.

The buildings chosen to remain were the ones considered to be of greater architectonic interest as well as being the more symbolic to preserve the memory of the place.

The new buildings aim to participate in this structure creating a rhythm between built space and open space which is repeated according to a rule, finding its exception only in the wider space of the square. By the same token, the square becomes the core of the block, where a more stable public space is design for the people´s permanence and use.

Vera Neves
Vera (b.1991) is a Portuguese architect educated in Portugal (FAUP, Porto) and Germany (TUK, Kaiserslautern). After graduation, she has worked in Lisbon for 2 years before moving to Munich in mid 2018, where she currently lives and works.
She has worked at several design scales, from small re-furbishments and reconversions in Lisbon to large scale projects in central Europe, particularly in healthcare and scientific research facilities. Her work is underlined by a strong contextual dialogue between “the old and the new” in architecture.