A balance way between the supply line of fishing vessels, sightseeing, and local residents..!
Due to the lack of hinterland in Nanfang-ao Fishing Harbor, which located in the eastern of Taiwan, the design was born.  I attempted to strike a balance between space planning and route arrangement, especially in fishery supplement (including fishing net mending, fishing equipment warehouse, and ice making factory) and tourist industry.
Third Award |  RTFA 2014 Awards
Category: Mixed Use Concept 
Participant  Name: Cheng-Huan, Tsai
Country: Taiwan 
With the historical progress, we realized that Nanfang-ao showed diverse features in different time, and the changing elements in between are exactly what affects the developmental tide of fishery in Nanfang-ao.  In addition, the current measurement in shipping ton and local fishing manner both in need of exploiting much room for anchorage in the third fishing port area and rationalization in associated supply points.  Overcoming a long term lack of space for the festival of mackerel and parking is also an issue to be solved simultaneously.
My proposal can make efficient use of the rest region without additional land reclamation, as well as promote the relation among the following three:
(1)fishermen-net cleaning-net restoring area (2)tourists-festival of mackerel-parking lot (3)dwellers-living quality-green belt.  With the utilization of vertical net cleaning, supply system and leaning on native mountains, and the supply line indispensable to the fishmen can be improved efficiently.  Furthermore, the chaps owing to scorching sunshine on fishing net can be prevented.  In a nutshell, as I am concerned, the design is the most appropriate blueprint for Nanfang-ao’s future development.