A massive concrete block rises from the dense pine forest of Monsanto Park. Only the upper part is exposed to the portuguese sun, the rest of the monolithic building is sinking into the shadowy, dark mass of trees. Up here, at the highest point of the park, beyond the hectic capital city, the heat and the crowds, it’s peaceful. The silent panoramic views of the city, the Tejo and the Cristo Rei, can be guessed through the density of treetrunks only.
Participant  Name: Jan Ribbers
University: HS Duesseldorf
Country: Germany
NOSM (1)
Who goes up here, longs for a break, for a contrast to the vibrant heart of Portugal, just 3 kilometers away. For some, the beauty and tranquility of the surrounding nature is conscious, and they are looking for a place that captures these feelings, like some kind of temple. For others a machine, which confines the view, focuses the senses and leads away from the same old panoramic photos of the viewing platforms. 220m above sealevel arrived, you search for the typical, perfect spot to shoot the photos. Instead, you notice the pale outlines of a large concrete block in the heart of the forest.
NOSM (3)
Arrived at the top, finally the whole park infront of your eyes, you don’t even think about taking your camera out to capture the whole thing in a photoshot. Suddenly you notice that you never came here to shoot the best photo of the Portugal trip, but to be aware of what different kind of world can be found in the middle of Lissabon.