Our clients came to us to remodel their existing traditional home to make it a modern masterpiece. Typically Maydan Architects does ground-up design, but we were excited by the challenge of this project and our clients were thrilled with the results. Originally the home was very closed off, each room compartmentalized with no real flow between the spaces. Through meticulous design and closely working with a structural engineer, we were able to open up the ground floor to connect the dining, kitchen, and family room together.
Location: Old Palo Alto
House: 2,600 SF
Design & Build: 2012-2013
Category: Residential

Kitchen Island and Dining Room © Cherie Cordellos Photography

Kitchen Island with Seating © Cherie Cordellos Photography

Family Room © Cherie Cordellos Photography

Master Bathroom Vanity © Cherie Cordellos Photography

Children’s Bedroom © Cherie Cordellos Photography

Maydan Architects represents a philosophy of design that is truly contemporary. The firm’s modernist approach—a philosophy of minimalism, airiness, careful use of materials and strong indoor-outdoor relationship—assists in finding a unique balance between architecture and the experience of the space.
Maydan Architects sets its priority in providing unparalleled comprehensive services of architectural planning and interior design. The firm is known for its attentiveness to details, and for its commitment to maintaining hands-on-involvement of the design team in all phases of each project.
Drawing from our vast valuable experience in planning and leading a project from conception to existence, we know that the key to a successful project is providing complete and accurate design and construction documents, followed by close construction oversight.  Maydan Architects designs with the knowledge of cost and execution implications in mind, and results in cost effective design and fewer costly field changes.
In our current work, Maydan Architects approaches each project, regardless of scale and budget, as an artistic challenge. Implementing our depth of knowledge of available resources of finished materials, we are able to work within budget to create for our clients’ spaces that are beautiful and inspiring and are not just a house but their dream home.

Mary Maydan has been designing contemporary homes since 2000. Previously an accomplished journalist, who interviewed some of the most fascinating figures of our time, Mary found her new passion in architecture and decided about a bold career change.
The Southampton residence, which she designed while at Maydan Design Associates, was published and noted in both international design magazines and local publications. The house drew vast attention and carved the firm’s niche as a leading contemporary architecture firm in Silicon Valley.
In her current projects Mary is working on warm modern designs which she dubbed California modern, as well as stark minimalist houses and is fascinated by the exploration of modern architecture today which best suits our environment, culture and time in history.