Second Award | Transport Terminal

Project info

Participant  Name: Chia Hsuan Chang
University: Tunghai University
Country : Taiwan


[GS]OD-Gas Station Oriented Design
With the energy crisis and the future energy structure change from oil into electricity, this project is about : Gas station, as a functional-oriented building type, gradually losing its function, what is the possibility of its transformation.
Taiwan is facing the trend that gas stations closed one after another. It is time to re-think the possible use of this kind of building. I first study different scale of gas station: urban scale, street scale, building scale. Considering that gas station in Taichung city are reaching service balance and the trend of the change of future transportation, I suggest that gas station in the future would bear the burden of assisting Last Mile and become regional Mini-RTS which support variety speed of transport.
Site is located in Mt. DaDu and next to Tunghai University. This gas station Serve Chungkang Road, one of the most important road which connect city’s urban and suburbs, cut the university from the outside world. Surrounded by commercial, hospitals, school, office buildings, and so on, the situation here is complicated enough that make it possible to give it a try to response to a variety of traffic conditions.
My design is trying to connect this isolated place to the neighborhood, making it easy to access and comfortable to stay. Meanwhile, transform this old, dying out building type into a part of daily life by serving new object-New type of transport, power by electricity and characteristic for their low speed, give a different picture for citizen’s daily commuting.