The project was co designed by Ravisha Rathore and Arti Varma as part of their design studio in 4th year. The studio focused on a large scale multi-facility group housing development project placed in a larger urban setting.
Architects : Ravisha Rathore | Arti Varma
Location : Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Status : Concept

The design followed contextual diagonal grids to form the basic axes on the site. These axes were used to divide the site into public and private pockets, with the public pocket facing the commercial block and the plaza opening towards the city. Also opening up the built form diagonally towards the city.

The tower form was developed using a unit system that was repeated in a clockwise and anti-clockwise arrangement for every alternate floor, giving the units different views towards the city from all sides of the tower. The stack effect also created huge terraces for each unit on every floor, providing a garden space for all residents even in a high-rise
building.  These  spaces  overlooked  one  another  increasing  the  interaction  between residents while providing a level of privacy as they were on different levels.
An additional requirement of the studio was to create podium level residence along with the towers. The podium here was designed as stacked units that merged into the towers from the two ends and opening up as they reached the centre, to create a semi-open green space for the residents. Each of the podium unit also had a garden space from the stack effect.
Both the tower and podium units were designed in a way to provide natural light to all the bedrooms and the living+dining areas.

The elevation system was developed further to highlight the alternate stacking effect to make it look like Jenga blocks. Each tower had a core separated from the units. This core was further highlighted to make the form more prominent. The finish is exposed concrete in different colors keeping the elements to a minimal focusing the attention on the brutalist form.

Ravisha Rathore

Ravisha Rathore an undergraduate student pursuing architecture from Sushant School of Art and Architecture, (India) currently in her 5th year of study.
She defines herself as a caffeine dependent life form who believes a great design is the result of collaborative work combined with passionate, innovative and sensitive values that transform a thought into a unique solution that responds to human needs. She is a firm believer in architectures power to create a more comfortable and efficient life for people and thus work on designs based on programmatic innovations and concepts while also answering
the questions of contextual fit.