The interior of a home should primarily brings a sense of comfort. In this apartment, the design we created is no exception. On an area of 140 m2 there are an elegant living room with kitchen, corridor, two bathrooms, master bedroom with closet and guest room. We bet on a combination of modern vision with classic references on the walls, reminiscent of French chic.

Global Design & Architecture Design Awards 2019
Second Award | Category: Interior – Residential (Built)

Studio: EXTRAVAGANCE design
Architect: Nikoleta Krasteva
Country: Bulgaria

French Chic by EXTRAVAGANCE design - Sheet1In the overall interior concept, the warm colors stand out, and in certain places decorative vegetation compositions are made, creating a reference to nature. These places are the corridor and the smaller bathroom, which are generously landscaped for interior contrast. All the rooms have basic and decorative lighting.

In the corridor is a mirror wall that optically enlarges the space. The majority of lining the corridor are made with granite marble vision to bring an extra element of elegance. In the whole apartment is laid three-layer parquet. The same parquet is used for lining one of the walls in the large bedroom. It has a spacious walk-in closet  and a facade mirror is mounted on the wall behind the bed. On both sides of the bed, as well as on the mirror wall in the corridor, there are decorative columns that give an elegant end to the design.

French Chic by EXTRAVAGANCE design - Sheet3The guest bedroom is so designed that in the future it can be converted into a children’s room. For this purpose on the place of the sofa can be put a cot. In the same way the wardrobe composition was made so that it could be used both for a guest room and for the purpose of a child’s.

A balanced combination of practical space and beautiful vision is found in the living room. There is a comfortable relax area with dining zone. The kitchen is elegantly separated from these two zones by simply beam in burgundy color. Through this dynamic color accent a refined contrast creates a touch of energy and passion in the interior concept. The paneling on the wall and the ceiling in the rest zone also contributes to its individual differentiation.

French Chic by EXTRAVAGANCE design - Sheet4The kitchen has a practical island whose top is made of technical stone. The same material is also used for the back of the kitchen and the countertops to it. The furniture configuration combines dark brown color with white gloss for more eagerness. The soft furniture in the living room is made of beige tones that perfectly combine with the main interior composition.

In the more spacious bathroom, we have a moisture-resistant profile with a diode tape that passes through the ceiling, wall and floor. This creates an attractive detail in the interior that stands out very well against the backdrop of the dark colors of the floor and wall lining.

French Chic by EXTRAVAGANCE design - Sheet5Undoubtedly, in every corner of this home there is a skillful interweaving of modern interior look with classic elegant details. Attention to detail is not lacking, while harmonious design and balanced interior compositions create the necessary atmosphere of comfort and coziness.