A new Villa in the middle of Tuscan Country between Florence and Arezzo that Rachele Biancalani Studio designed with Matteo Bonechi technician.
Architects: Rachele Biancalani Studio
Photo: Thomas Dell’Agnello e Rachele Biancalani Studio
Stylist: Rachele Biancalani
Project: 2015
Realizzation: 2016-2017

The junior Architect and Interior Designer Rachele Biancalani has designed Interiors, Garden, and Lighting.
The buyers, a young couple with a little son, loved minimal style and design but did not want a cold and aseptic house therefore the Designer has recommended them to use warm colors and finishing materials that characterize all the interior of the villa. The sophisticated taste for design objects has been met with the choice of furnishings and lighting fixtures of the highest quality brands such as Lake, Midj, Ernesto Meda, Flos, Kartell and Foscarini that find space in these minimal interior but with enveloping heat.

Absolute protagonist of the living open space is the wooden walnut flooring, that becomes a boiserie in the livingroom near to the entrance. This walled wooden wall is concealed at the same time, hidden by two twin doors, respectively a large walled cabinet with total black interiors and access to the ground floor services.

The open-space living environment includes 4 zones with a variety of features: a reading corner with a comfortable armchair Apelle + leather table and chromed steel designed by designer Beatriz Sempere for Midj; a living room with modular Slide sofa by Daniele Lago, TV area and fireplace; the dining area with Table Air by Lago and the Apelle chairs and finally the kitchen in a separate body and at a lower level that is reached by descending two great walnut wood steps.
The minimal kitchen (Ernesto Meda) is total white and a thin top in Corian has been used to make also the two sides of the freestanding island also in addition to the top.

The exposed beams of the floor and roof of the whole villa were whitened using a hint of some lighter tone of parquet painting (Kerakoll Design House Paint) while the two bathrooms were completely coated with resin of different colors (Rapidmix ). Furnishings are also essential in bathrooms with great attention to the clean and functional design of sanitary fixtures and accessories. Italian Design: Flaminia, Globo, Gessi and Tubes some of the companies used for the two bathrooms. The ground floor bathroom has a tub whose side is covered with the same parquet list to recreate a situation similar to the one in the living room. In the bathroom on the first floor, however, it was chosen to create a shower with integrated seat and masonry shower tray. The closet that closes the shower area besides the ceiling shower has 4 RGB spotlights to create racing light games on the resin-covered walls of two different colors.

The bedroom is fully furnished with Lago furnishings and a custom headboard behind which a strip led is inserted. The symmetry of the room is enshrined by the two twin drawer units, but not identical in form, which houses the two Bourgie by Kartell. A double transparent bronze glass sliding door separates the walk-in closet area, completely designed by the architect who chose a texture similar to the yuta for the shelves. The exterior of the villa is simple and linear characterized by a garden with English lawn and a very special light spot: a garden lamp that recalls a group of giant calleys and is produced by the Spanish company Vibia and stands out in the green almost It was a corten sculpture.

Dida 1: The wooden wall at the entrance besides hides two doors
Dida 2: The finish of the fireplace was made with Kerakoll Design House paint applied with two crossed hands to recreate the yuta texture
Dida 3: Illumination study is of paramount importance in a design of interior design.
Dida 4: Lago furnishings are found in both the living area and the bedroom
Dida 5: The kitchen is predominantly white with black inserts for a totally linear look but not cold
Dida 6: The bathroom on the ground floor features a large basin on a gress floor, a very practical material to use next to a tub.
Dida 7: The ceilings of the whole villa are made of whitewashed fir wood with velvety colors of some lighter tone on the walls
Dida 8: The masonry staircase is covered in solid walnut and is illuminated by a custom handrail painted like the walls
Dida 9: The first floor bathroom is equipped with a large skylight that floods it with natural light
Dida 10: The “Nuda” washbasin designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba for ceramics Flaminia is one of the musts of Studio Biancalani who loves it so much to include in almost all of her work
Dida 11: The design cabinet is practical and functional and uses every millet available
Dida 12: Large wooden arch windows are painted in white and have low emissive glazing with glass and argon gas as it is suitable for new buildings in energy class A

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Rachele Biancalani is an junior italian architect and Interior Designer and she is the owner of an Architectural and Design Studio since 2010. Rachele and her team’s work range from the tailor-made design of the architectural layout to the choice and design of furnishing accessories, following the customer from Building Practice, Energy Efficiency, and Interior Design to the design of Structures. Each particular construction is studied and engineered to the slightest detail. The Studio boasts dozens of publications on interior design magazines and on international websites allover the world.
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