A third-year studio undergraduate project, Escapade Hotel is a luxury business hotel for business people and extreme sports lovers to experience new ways to relieve their tensions as well as maintain their physical strength. The hotel provides indoor rock climbing, surfing, and other amenities for customers to release the stresses from their work and enjoy their stay.
Interior Designer: Thitari Smitthimedhin
Software Used: AutoCAD, 3Ds Max, and Photoshop


Based on the hotel’s uniqueness, the concept combines the random surface of a rock-climbing wall and surfing wave, combining curves and angular forms. Combined with these forms, a sparkling light shines when one achieves their goal.
Random – a random form of a triangle with the technique of origami
Light of success – using void and transparent materials
Challenging – a combination between a curve and angular form
Rock Climbing

An indoor rock-climbing wall located on the left side of the building, rising up from the lobby floor to the second floor, allows customers who use the waiting area, the coffee shop, and the restaurant to watch the scenery of people climbing on the wall.
Premier Room

Presidential Suite Bedroom

Presidential Suite Living Area

Royal Suite Bedroom

Royal Suite Dining/Rock Climbing

Guest rooms are divided into three types: Premier room, Presidential suite, and Royal suite. Each type has different types of amenities. The presidential suite and royal suite have two floors. Both of them have a rock-climbing wall and exercise room for guests to exercise and release their tension, but the presidential suite only has a small meeting area whereas the royal suite has a conference room.
Roof Top Plan

The rooftop of the hotel is the location for indoor surfing and sunbathing, and the bar allows the guests to enjoy the space from daytime through the night. This hotel provides everything needed during business and vacation, including a business center, bar, restaurant, shop, spa, fitness room, yoga room, and extreme sports options. It’s a one stop hotel for the active business person.

Thitari Smitthimedhin
Thitari Smitthimedhin graduated from Assumption University with a degree in BFA in Interior Design and is currently studying for an MFA in Interior Design at Savannah College of Art and Design. Thitari has previously worked as an interior design intern at Studio 54 in Bangkok, Thailand, as well as with Gresham Smith in Nashville, Tennessee. Her design philosophy is ‘A transformational median that creates new experiences from ordinary, everyday scenarios.’ She believes that interior design is not only creating functional spaces but also making unique spaces that offer a diverse experience.