Cumin is an Indian Fusion restaurant whos concept is to create a twist on what is considered traditional Indian food and fuse it with other cuisines. This food concept inspired the design of the restaurant. Cumin diverts itself from the typical Indian restaurant archetype and introduces a twenty first century take on what an Indian restaurant should look and feel like.

Architects: Contextus Architecture
Status: Built

The major attraction of the restaurant is the slat wall which divides the fine dining area from the bar/cafe area. The concept is derived from “Jalis” or screens. The slat wall acts as a filter between the two distict spaces. The dining side having a refined, clean feel and the bar/cafe having a fun feel.

Contextus is a Metro New York City-based Architecture + Design practice with experience working with clients all over the world. We are contextual modernists. Modernists because we believe architecture tackles issues and ideas of today while pointing towards the future; contextual because architecture gains richness and meaning when it is grounded and when it emerges from where, when and who it is for. Hence, our name, Contextus.
Umang Shah, AIA, NCARB, and LEED AP, holds Bachelor’s degrees in Architecture and Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design.  Umang has a significant track record with leading architecture firms which influenced and continues to reinforce his understanding of design practices, project constraints, and the multiple objectives of project participants. Substantial experience includes these various building types: aviation, commercial, residential, transportation, institutional, media, museum, hospitality, urban planning, recreation, religious and retail. In addition to his knowledge of architecture, Umang has 11+ years of experience as a Director of Project Management ( Construction Owner’s Representative) for various Corporate and Institutional clients. This allows Contextus to marry design objectives with practical presets and project planning. This provides an enhanced reconciliation of the client’s objectives between design and ‘practical’ which sets Contextus apart from your traditional Architecture firm.
Shalinee Nagpal Shah, LEED AP, holds a Bachelor’s degree from Institute of Environmental Design, Gujarat, India. Shalinee has significant experience developing a variety of projects and managing teams for institutional, civic, cultural, commercial, retail, urban planning, residential and mixed use. Shalinee has worked in India, Kuwait and the US. Shalinee possesses a “perfectionist” nature and thrives to make the client’s ‘wants and needs’ a reality.
Together, Umang and Shalinee have a combined 40+ years of experience.