The concept of the whole project is to enhance in synergy the old structures and the new interventions, both structural and architectural, and shown with total honesty and transparency.Our project has been developed for an apartment located on the main floor of Casa degli Alessandri, a historic building that overlooks both Via dell’Oiruolo and Piazza San Pier Maggiore, in one of the most characteristic areas of the historic center of Florence. (ph.1,2)Originally it was a warehouse formed by two large rooms 5,5 meters high and a closet upstairs.
Architects: Massimo Pisani Architetto
Status: Built

The first room has been lofted with an iron and wood structure to build the kitchen and the master suite, which can be accessed from the living room through a large portal in steel beams, via a staircase and an iron balcony. An ancient frescoed vault has been discovered and restored in the new bedroom. (ph. 3,4,5,6)The walls of the second room had traces of medieval and renaissance openings, stone niches and ancient flues.

The wall planks have been grouted and consolidated, enhancing them with grazing lights embedded in the floor.A modern gas fireplace has been placed in an ancient niche and has been covered with iron plates joined by bolts. (ph.7,8,9) At the first level there is a floor of resin-colored cement to enhance the red of the walls; the floors of the second level are in wood. The closet has been commuted into a second bedroom accessed via an iron spiral staircase. (ph.10)The main bathroom is completely covered in large ceramic slabs and in the basement there is a Turkish bath with benches and shower. (ph.11)The entrance has been completely redesigned, creating a staircase that leads to a terrace overlooking the inner courtyard of the building, through a glazed structure. (ph.12)

Massimo Pisani

Massimo Pisani  graduated in architectural restoration at the University of Florence. After collaborating with many architectural firms, he opened his studio in 2002.Over the years he has specialized in renovations of private homes.The study is based in Reggio Emilia and Florence.The passion for dialogue between ancient and modern is the sum of his work.Currently he has sites in Tuscany, Emilia Romagna and Malta.