Project Description: The project is resolved in an exercise of composition in a corner within a consolidated block that seeks to establish a direct relationship with existing contexts and, in addition, in a building that opens to the city on the corner with the presence in both fronts of retail uses in the lower floors.
Project category : Architectural project – Commercial
Project name: 9 square
Project location:  9 square, 150 ft. Ring road, Near Ayodhya chowk BRTS, Rajkot
Site area: 933
Gross Built Area: 2157
Architect’s Firm: Bridge Studio
Directed by BRIJ PADALIA, BRIDGE STUDIO is an architectural firm founded in the mid of 2009. Firm offers work which responds to the character of client’s program, site, floor space index, building codes and budget.
Bridge Studio has a versatile body of work ranging from architecture and interiors of residences and corporate offices to institutional, retail and hospitality spaces.
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Architect: Ar. Brij Patel

The building is composed of one basement and five stories and it has very flexible access – strategy. Ground and first floors composed of retail shops while other stories are composed of offices.

The concept of facade was derived out form traditional indian ‘Jali’ that were used to crafted in traaditional houses. The external facade filters the warm air and  reduce the warming that may happen in the afternoon hours. Further it also defines the elegant aspect of the facade.

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