Slow Cabins helps city dwellers recharging their batteries while staying in a stand-alone self-sufficient ‘silence hut’ to disconnect and rediscover the simplicity of unspoiled nature nearby ‘home’ (less than two hours’ drive from cities). With this off the grid concept the company wants to reshape the future of housing and hospitality in line with the latest societal and environmental challenges by:

  • developing smaller, better and healthier mobile eco houses that are affordable and last longer.
  • choosing qualitative (natural) materials, combined with clean ‘minimal impact’ technologies.
  • integrating smart multifunctional designs, offering simple but high performances.

Architects: Ark-Shelter
Location: Belgium
Architects in Charge: Martin Mikovcak, Michiel De Backer
Area: 36.0 m2
Project Year: 2017
Photographs: Jonas Verhulst

© Jonas Verhulst

The Belgian start-up offers a hand-picked selection of unique mobile ‘eco designed’ cabins to be placed at secret locations in nature close to ‘home’. Both couples and families can book a cabin. As well as companies that want to organize inspiring meetings in nature. This is possible through an innovative and multifunctional system enabling a sleeping area to turn into an inspiring meeting room. The cabins can be leased, rented or sold. For investors and landowners Slow Cabins also offers a ‘cabin as a service’ model to generate maximum impact and new revenues through circular business modelling.
© Jonas Verhulst

The cabins are manufactured from 100% wood with only qualitative and durable materials. The design is also created with locally produced and/or circularly designed innovations, such as smart battery systems or dry toilets. Even the interior is decorated with wooden toys from wood waste, lightening from waste materials etc.. The cabins are fully self-sufficient, with no network connections for water, electricity or sanitary. For Slow Cabins ‘off the grid’ living is no romantic dream, but pure reality.
© Jonas Verhulst

Furthermore the company applies an inclusive business model, re-investing part of its profits into local projects to reinforce the impact of its concept. Slow Cabins is part of the new generation of lean ‘impact driven’ enterprises.
© Jonas Verhulst

Slow Cabins are compact, mobile and modular with attention to light, warmth and simplicity. The cabin has fully-glazed windows specially designed for optimal relaxation, intimacy and attention to each other, as well as contact with the natural environment.
© Jonas Verhulst

Slow Cabins applies a strict circular ‘low impact’ business model, in terms of both product and process design. Already at the design stage it starts by choosing the right materials and techniques in order to minimize waste streams and impact by the cabin and visitor(s) on nature.