Sprawled across a 5,500 sq. ft. space, City Heights Bistro is Jaipur’s newest eatery. Owned by three young entrepreneurs, the entire menu of the bistro has been specially designed by the well-travelled chef Jiten.

Project Name: City Heights Bistro
Studio Name: VB Design Studio
Status: Built
Principal Architect: Ar. Vipin Bakiwala
Design Team: Ar. Nainika Nagar and Ar. Ginni Jain
Firm’s website: www.vbds.in    
Project Location: Malviya Nagar, Jaipur
Area: 5,500 sq. ft.
Artist: Mohd. Bakar Naqvi and team
F & B Consultant: Mr. Anthony Phillip S & Chef Jiten (Table & Fork Restaurant Consultants, New Delhi)
Photo Courtesy: Mr. Abhishek Kumawat

City Heights By Vipin Bakiwala Design Studio (VBDS)

The client’s brief solely stressed on giving the city something it lacked i.e. a space that collectively caters the tastes and complacency of all age groups through a delightful vegetarian multi-cuisine menu amidst an aroma of composure. We then conceptualized the bistro’s theme, striving to fulfill a warm & homey vibe, fancy free and laid back by the constraints of modishness by means of a soft and welcoming color scheme, dominated by nature’s spree and a playful demonstration of dramatic illustrations, portraying anonymous people and cities.

City Heights By Vipin Bakiwala Design Studio (VBDS)

The Bistro:
One enters the Bistro through a low-set main gate, following a brick wall which manifests a blossoming tree depicting the fresh harvests coupled with the restaurant’s label, done abstractly on the front side. Behind, it features a set of playful wooden swings with a backdrop of monochrome foliage artwork, creating a peppy selfie spot for all, be young or old. The wall broaches a Courtyard seating nestled into a rectangular enclosure.  Capacitating a crowd of 35-40, the space is expressly designed for outdoor soiree, which also shares a section for evening entertainment in the form of live music.

City Heights By Vipin Bakiwala Design Studio (VBDS)

Beside this section is a service door linking with the kitchen. Green and white chips bordered with green stone styles the flooring, on which stances custom-made chairs in metallic green, wooden tables, and benches in white. Strategically provided planter bays, semi-cassette awnings with green/beige strips and customized green lights conjugate to give the place a fresh and breezy outdoor feel. Through an adjacent pathway of Udaipur green marble flooring, embarks the indoor diner, belted with planter bays and large potted plants.

City Heights By Vipin Bakiwala Design Studio (VBDS)

The silhouette, manifesting French aroused arched glass windows, is simple and upfront taking inspiration from the Architecture of Goan Catholics. An arched glass door opens up to the capacious indoor diner, glowing in English green and greeting us by its multi-hued seating spread evenly on a flooring of matt green and green polished terrazzo tiles. An open kitchen behind glass windows is conceptualized to develop awareness and faith among the customers.

The adjacent mock tail counter exposes a blend of contrasting mustard and dark green which contributes in breaking the seamlessness of the space and strikes visual interest of the crowd. A series of caricatures in charcoal, from the works of Artist Mario de Miranda dramatize on the front walls that wordlessly recite the hustle bustle of clueless times and cities, allowing the public to engage in a deep conversation as they enjoy the food. These gimmicks also extend their drama on other wall sections as well as the billing counter on the right.

A central planter bay in mustard yellow bedecks the seating space and also lends privacy between the neighboring eaters. Industrial style ceiling manifests a tinge of rawness amidst the vibe of elegance while soft fusion music reverberates around the space to enhance the feel. Moving out, the passage takes you further towards the toilets and the staircase. The arched doors of toilets carry artworks of men and women, portraying the labels. The essence of caricatures continues to flow inside the toilets by means of small artworks.

Its flooring carries Udaipur green marble, while a green stone covers the lower part of the walls. The adjacent staircase climbs to the first floor featuring owner’s office, bakery, a banquet and service area. The restaurant signage shines on the rightmost corner of the bistro. This all-day dining bistro celebrates fine vegetarian multi cuisine menu and a collection of refreshing mock-tails, carving its own niche in Jaipur’s throng of successful restaurants. It envelops you in an unpretentious and homelike poise from the moment you walk through the arched glass entrance.

The outer landscaping gives a feel of oasis while also lends privacy to the insiders. Flowering plants like raphis palm, croton, alpinia, naharkata, cycas, champagne palm, champa and chlorophytum comosum dominates the entire space. Exterior painted in Laguna Beach green shines like an ever lighting lamp while letting in ample of natural light during the day through skylights. As it dusks, the outside crowd witnesses a glimpse of interior setting, which seems to present coalescence between the caricatures and eaters, & thus develops an urge to move in.

City Heights By Vipin Bakiwala Design Studio (VBDS)

About the Architect:
Ar. Vipin Bakiwala graduated in architecture in the year 2004. He began working by himself during the initial years of his bachelor’s.

While working with the professors he gradually realized that architecture is much more than what is conspicuous to us, more than just bricks and cement. It itself is an emotion, a melody that strives to heal one’s soul and mind  & bring happiness into lives.  Certainly, this perception boosted his relentless passion for architecture and stimulated him to design spaces that give a true reflection of the inhabitants’ souls. In these years of practice, he has acuminated his skills in a wide spectrum of work ranging from architecture and Interiors to product design.

About the Firm:
Vipin Bakiwala Design Studio, a leading Architecture and Interior Design firm based in Jaipur India, was established by Ar. Vipin Bakiwala in 2006. We are a team of impassioned architects, designers, artists, and artisans. All along these years, the firm has been working on an array of projects consisting of residences, restaurants, manufacturing as well as retail units and so forth.

We trust that architecture is more than just bricks and cement and as architects; it is our duty to create spaces which possess the capacity to connect its inhabitants in the bond of emotions. We therefore continuously attempt to work upon the minute specifics of design from the very outset and keep on exploring and experimenting with different trends and materials to achieve the objective of creating soulful and timeless designs. We have collaborated with Sunividh Art to provide customized solutions & creative consultancy on various art forms, sculptures, paintings and artifacts to our distinguished clientele.