The brand clearly wanted to stand out from a usual eye store and use differentiating customer experience.

Project Name: 30th Feb
Studio Name: Design Radiance Pvt Ltd.
Status: Built

Since the brand deals with premium branded eyewear, the look of the store needed to have a posh appeal. The client wanted to experiment with the design and keep an elite old-world look in each element of the store design.

The idea was to have an old distress look and feel to overall space with materials chosen very carefully. The raw woods, semi plastered walls, concrete floor. Since we had privilege to create mezzanine floor, we managed to create it with spiral staircase creating an eye testing area and small store. 

There was a clear emphasis of using wood as the primary material for the design element and the vintage theme. Specially sourced railway wooden sleepers used as a cladding material over the chest of the drawers with different color staining. Polished Concrete floor was used, woods wherever used were in distress finish. Exposed brick wall was painted in different colors, Corroded metal chandelier was used.

Earthy tones in the fixtures, floor and walls along with dimply lit atmosphere sets the mood right  of the customer, the moment one enters the store. It is not any other conventional eyewear store. There is story that revolves around with the brand and how artistic the pieces have been created to give a whole together different experience to the consumer, the same theory is what we have tried to infuse in the interiors.

Rishu Anand, Dixit Gandhi & Jasvir Singh, they together head business at Design Radiance Pvt. Ltd.. They are self motivated and visionary entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the industry.

Apart from the design which is core element of the works, all three looks after different aspects of the company. Rishu Anand looks after brand positioning and day to day operations of the company. Dixit Gandhi looks after Project management and Design Development. Jasvir Singh looks into business expansions and marketing & business strategies.