Bhavans Campus that sits amidst the core of the city is one of the important campuses in the city. It consists of various institutes like SPCE, SPIT, SPJIMR, Bhavans Junior College, Library, Self Finance Building, Wadia school etc. that cater to students of various age groups from kindergarten level to graduation level and various streams like science, commerce, arts, engineering, business management etc. It also consists of various other recreational spaces such as nursery, yoga centre, campus canteen, open grounds, Adventure Park, amphitheatres, temple etc.
Participant  Name: Sneha Khulge
University: KRVIA
Country: India
Students Centre, Bhavan's Campus, Andheri (1)
A student centre is proposed in the campus to bind these institutes together and enhance the interaction between them. Various functions such as workshops, admission centre, games and entertainment, gymnasium, student clubs, research centre, media office, silent study lounge, computer lab, orientation centre, alumni and council centre, multipurpose community space, campus book store and the food court, thus catering to all types of students.
Students Centre, Bhavan's Campus, Andheri (2)
The building is positioned on the junction of the axes of the three main institutes of the campus and the temple, thus providing an easy access to everyone. The building wraps itself around the existing banyan tree which is an important marker in the campus. The courtyard thus formed, divides the building into three blocks, the public block, the student block and the food court.
Students Centre, Bhavan's Campus, Andheri (3)
The staircases of each block are pushed towards the courtyard thus making the courtyard lively. Open terraces, shaded pavilions, extended plinths, the courtyard, external corridors and staircases, thus provide opportunities for interaction and chance encounters.
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