ART has always been a source of inspiration and exploring possibilities for society from ancient time. With the exponential advancement of technology worldwide, different forms of arts are being integrated with technological aspects, creating numerous contemporary modes of expression and production. Thus, Photography, Motion Graphics Designing, Digital Media Production and Communication, Animation, Game designing and many more are among the most demanding professions around the world as the form of economic activities, communication systems, social behavior patterns and modes of entertainment are changing. In this era of Information, the more the world is being capable of mastering the technology, the more the economic and social networks are being global; the more the necessities of these professions are increasing. And to keep pace with this fast changing scenario, almost every countries are focusing on developing professionals specialized on these diversified fields by providing necessary educational training and support.
Third Award |  RTFA 2014 Awards
Category: Institutional Concept
Participant  Name: Shahida Sharmin
Country: Bangladesh

At present, Bangladesh is a promising name in the global context. The numbers of multinational companies are increasing and many industries are also trying to compete internationally; creating new specialized career opportunities. There are more than 100 companies outsourcing on Visual Technology based works. Furthermore, with the expansion of television channels, print media and entertainment business, new specialized professional fields are emerging. The demands, scopes and possibilities of these and other related professions are increasing too along with this current evolving context. But unfortunately, lack of proper educational facilities for these specialized professions in Bangladesh not only affecting the development and expansion of the related industries and hindering entrepreneurship, but also making her unable to compete in the global market.

So, the main idea was to develop a National Institute of Art and Technology’ to initiate an Interactive and responsive system to promote, provide and pursue integrated fields of art and technology as a mode of exploring possibilities. This place was anticipated to be a system that constantly evolves different interactive and responsive events among people, space, activities and environment and thus acts as a stimulation and inspiration for new ideas and thoughts.

In this project, the philosophy of Interactivity or Responsiveness is tried to be explored and interpreted in architecture focusing on the possibilities interaction based on environmental, social and psychological aspects. Architecture can significantly influence our lives by interacting with us and consequently shape the ways in which we interact with each other. A university, especially one that deals with dynamic subjects of Art and Technology should be a place that constantly offers opportunities of interaction – not only among people, but also spaces and environment – to generate and share creative ideas, innovation and inspiration. So this project is an approach towards an experimentation where the environment with is changing persona, different qualities of spaces, physical elements like: structure, building surface etc., various human activities (both physical and psychological), landscape and surrounding context—all are perceived as active participants towards creating numerous anticipated interactive events, and thus intends to perceive architecture as a living and evolving ingredient of life.