The purpose for the project was to design a hostel in an area of the city that is divided between campuses of three different universities, situated in the historical centre of the city. Because the majority of area’s residents and visitors are students, the hostel is aimed for younger, more flexible people. The site is currently occupied by old tenement building, four storeys high; its interior is in bad technical condition and its exterior has no historical values, hence all demolitions, including demolition of the whole building, are allowed.
First Award |  RTFA 2014 Awards
Category: Interior Commercial Concept
Participant  Name: Katarzyna Kolodziejska
Country: Poland
In the area of such intense city life – during both day and night – it is important for the hostel’s ground floor to interact with its surroundings, to serve as an extension of the street, of the city. At the same time however, hostel should provide safety and privacy for its guests. It would be preferable if the design didn’t repeat traditional scheme of corridor + closed rooms, but rather sought new solutions for hostel’s interior and way of its functioning, redefining concept of room and interaction between guests and hostel’s staff.  The project should also take into consideration clear communication in the rooms part of the hostel, accessibility for disabled people and economical issues.
The program of the hostel includes: – entrance area with restaurant or cafe – reception – rooms for approximately 40 people with external bathrooms – kitchen for guests – administration offices – technical rooms
Changes to the program are allowed, when justified by additional architectural or functional values.