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[tab_title]Project Info[/tab_title]
[tab]Participant  Name: Dhruv Aditya Jain
University: Birla Institute Of Technology, Mesra
Team Member: Veinesh Pratik, Anindya Dutta, Devaditya Jain
Country : India[/tab]
[tab]Highway Amenity Center
The proposed design is that of a highway amenity center. The selected site is near the junction point of NH30 and NH31.
The proposed design has extensive use of steel. Each Structure in the proposed design is inspired by the elements and Ideologies of Buddhism.
The amenity center gives a break from the monotonous highway journey. It has the most essential facilities of Filling Station, Car Repair shop, ATM, Dinning Space. Besides this it also has allied facilities of Franchise food stalls, cafeteria, and a motel. Children’s park and other outdoor sitting space have been created for recreational purpose
Site Selection:  The site is situated near the junction of NH30 and NH31. The Larger face of the rectangular plot is towards NH30. The selected site is rectangular and dimensions of the site being 200x100m.
Site Justification
Situated about 55kms away from Patna, along the highway connecting Patna and Rajgir is the selected site is stretched over 20,000sq m. The selected site is adjacent to the township Baktiyarpur which is home to over 32,000 people.. Besides the above stated reasons, another major factor leading to the site selection was tourist importance of the two towns between which the site is located. Rajgir alone received over15,25,000 Indian and over 1,64,000 Foreigner tourists in 2014.
Proposal Description:
The proposed design consists of two distinct fuel stations with a manager’s office, a admin office, a cafeteria, two dining halls with a central kitchen, three franchise outlets with a common sitting area, a motel, a shop, a tourist center, parking for trucks and private vehicles, children’s park, outdoor sitting area .
The proposed design of has park has a maximum height of 7m (Motel). All the structures have a rising of one floor height that is 3.5 m.
The Planning of all the structures created are circular. this is to ensure that the maximum surface area is utilized.
The  Short description  of the various forms are as stated below:

  1. Passenger Filling
  1. Commercial Vehicle Filling Station and Truck parking
  1. Dining Hall

The plan of the dining hall is inspired by the three pillars of Buddhism
-> Buddha   -> Dharma:  -> Sangha:
The domes have been created with an oculus and twisted steel sections to ensure maximum exposure to natural light.

  1. Cafeteria

The form of the Cafeteria is inspired by the Shankh.
The Cafeteria deals in ready to eat food so a large transaction window adds to ease of serving.

  1. Franchise
  1. Motel

Design Feature

  1. An extension has been provided along the arc of the rooms to serve as a sitting area for the guests.
  2. Two different levels have been used to maintain the privacy of the guests.
  3. The stepped levels have been created to accommodate outdoor siting.
  1. Administrative Office

The design of the administrative office is inspired by the Lotus flower in Buddhism.
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