Arbor Alcove is a modern, industrial home around 1000sq. ft. in Park City, UT. It features breathtaking views of the mountains on every side, cozy living space, and an outdoor patio per fect for entertaining. It was inspired by the simplified shape of a tree, the triangle.
Architect/Designer: Brianne Brooks
Location: Park City, UT
Status: Concept

Large triangular windows throughout the structure engage those inside with the beautiful nature that surrounds them. This home is for the minimalist who wants to escape the city and enjoy a peaceful weekendin the mountains of Park City.

Brianne Brooks
Brianne Brooks is currently a graduating senior in the Interior Design program at Utah State University. She is best known for winning the Durkan dscvr 18 Student Competition, as well as placing second in the 2017 Daltile Student Competition. Brooks is looking forward to starting her design career and is excited to share her ideas and passions with the world.