Main philosophy: A step toward the future in parallel to human needs, this idea has been based on creating a futuristic environment helping for attraction. In a specified vision, retails spaces spread widely so users have a variety of choices, which create a challenge to sellers as well as architects to improve production and attract people to their space. Start from this goal, visitors’ needs and aspirations have been improved to a new creative thinking so the element of “attractive internal environment” and all needs are met. In addition, most popular obstacles of shopping are eliminated.
Second Award |  RTFA 2014 Awards
Category: Interior Commercial Concept
Participant  Name: Fatima Alsayegh
Country: Saudi Arabia
This idea has been applied in a existing proposal in Al-Khobar city, KSA as changing its gardening type into a beauty center sailing women products and merchandise, while considered the main structural plan through redesign process.
Human/usage relationship: This needs for respect and function no matter how shell is developed, while considering improvement of the usage way. The process of activities can be improved and simplified, as in prior centuries, so the interaction between users and the object is changed but function still the same according to initial needs which might have few additions. This interaction is linked with senses producing major parts of any improvements.
Futuristic vision of built environments: Visual scene is usually the first changeable view along designing a built environment. Mostly, first impression of future is all about “softness” and “uniqueness”. So shapes and forms add more artistic touch to spaces thus creating a new behavior of feeling within a soft environment. Beside, concentrating on the main structure to simplify the more directed functional details will add the perfect design to any space.
Experience and attraction: “Experience” is the major keyword to start designing any built environment while considering varieties of choices in matter of retail spaces. Each one needs a unique touch of “attraction”. No boundaries exist when creating forms and any material benefits in matter of creativity and thinking. However, Future is to have better designs when design initial concept and philosophy can be applied in most fields, not only in the suggested project.
Beauty retails in KSA: In KSA, women love to go shopping in such retails otherwise some obstacles may prevent her such as family’ responsibilities. This is considered most main in town so this design gives additional zones to solve, nursery for kids, car lots, and open café’ for husband and family so they may enjoy inside the space while she does shopping with comfort and no stress!
Future of Retail spaces: -Studying the missing facilities in spaces improves the level of the importance toward success. -When respecting needs, pleasure, comfort and aspirations are met. Users will find their goal and will like to come frequently. -Providing requested merchandised, especially experimenting, make users pleased. -Architects are born to change this field toward the better phase. Each one has a different personality but all have the creativity in common so future has to be “creative” while needs, culture and society has to be considered in design.