Inviting outstanding works in the field of Architecture, Construction and Design

The Architecture, Construction and Design Awards 2020 invites the trendsetters, the pioneers and the leaders - Firms dealing with the global contemporary challenges head on - with continuous innovation and excellence, and bring the best of such projects into the light to inspire the next generation. There are many design competitions, but RTF Architecture, Construction and Design Award 2020 promises to be the most prominent of the year.

Previous Winners

Design Competition | ACD Awards 2020 Trophy

Three projects in each category will be awarded, and depending on the Jury’s Decision, some projects will receive Honorable Mentions.

Design Competition | Best Projects of 2020

All the winning entries of Architecture, Construction and Design Awards 2020 compiled

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60+ Categories and
180+ Awards

Architecture, Construction and Design is across disciplines and scales, so whether it’s a dwelling for a 1000 families or a bespoke lamp, if it’s excellent and innovative, you can submit your project and assess your competence in the global architecture community.

Architecture, Construction and Design Awards 2020 offers more than 70 award categories, including concept and built categories under Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Construction, Exhibition and Graphic Design.

RTF Architecture, Construction & Design Awards 2020 | Jury Panel

Entries are carefully evaluated by an internationally influential jury panel composed of established scholars, esteemed professionals, prominent press members, creative design professionals and experienced entrepreneurs who devote great care and attention to details while voting each entry.

With 100+ Media Partners, RTF Provides Maximum Reach to its Winners with Extensive PR Campaigns

Winners of Architecture, Construction and Design Awards 2020 are published on numerous digital and print platforms.

For each category, RTF creates a newsletter to interested parties mainly consisting of design editors, curators, architects, designers, journalists, academics, marketers, reporters, editors, blog owners, columnists, product managers and developers, companies relevant to the particular categories.

Winners’ also receive Winners logo to put on their websites to indicate the quality of their designs.

Construction & Design Award Details


Early Bird Registrations (30th April, 2020) –    $300 $200

Standard Registrations (31st July, 2020) –  $300

Late Registrations (15th Sept, 2020) –  $350

Construction & Design Award Schedule

30 Apr, 2020 | Early Bird Registration deadline
15 Jun, 2020 | Standard Registration deadline
15 Aug, 2020 | Last date for submitting queries
15 Sep, 2020 | Final Registration deadline
30 Sep, 2020 | Submission deadline
01 Oct, 2020 | Evaluation period begins
21 Oct, 2020 | Winners Announcement

All dates in Eastern Standard Time (EST), UTC -5

Construction & Design Awards | Submission Requirements

On completion of registration, you’ll receive ACD Awards Submission Kit within 24 hours, which will include the submission guidelines, sheets template, and design brief template to be used as the format for Award Entry.

  1. Submissions may contain any or all of the following, i.e. text, diagrams, plans, sections, sketches, photographs, graphics, collage, etc, in a combination without restrictions that can convey the visual summary of the design intent of the entrant comprehensively illustrating the:
    (i)  Response to challenges outlined in the Brief.
    (ii) The emergence of a unified and relevant image of Design
  2. Submission must contain Design Brief (not more than 500 words) in a .doc template file provided on completion of the Awards Registration
  3. Max. of 6, A3 size sheets (420mm X 297mm), in horizontal format and submitted as digital, colored, high-resolution files, meant for printing in JPEG format to be composed in sheet template files provided to participants upon completion of registration.
  4. Each submission must contain the ’Registration ID’ provided by the RTF at the time of registration, this ID must be written in bold Arial font, 5 mm in height on the top right corner of each submission entry as mentioned in the sheets template provided upon registration of the project.
  5. Submission must be free from any kind of identifying marks, such as and including firm logos, the name of the participant.
  6. The submissions will ONLY bear the Registration ID, given to an entrant after their successful registration, as a means of identification and any other identifying mark will make the entrant liable for disqualification.
  7. Submit your project as .Zip Folder with Registration ID as the folder name and upload on our portal. ( Max Upload Size – 50 MB )

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9th RTF | Architecture Construction & Design Awards 2020

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Architecture Construction
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