RTF Education Awards 2020

RTF Education Awards 2020 offers 15 award categories, for bachelors & masters students and young graduates.  RTF Education Awards are for the students and young graduates focusing on Thesis and Research Paper.

Students and young graduates are allowed and encouraged to submit multiple entries in multiple categories in the Awards 2020.



Structures that can influence the urban façade of the contemporary world through the design of office spaces, co-working units, architectural studios, retail centers, malls and multiplexes.


Structures like museums, art galleries and culture centers have an integral and influencing character that assists in maintaining the pieces of our nostalgic past.


Spaces that can redefine the way how healthcare works with everchanging trends and new technologies involved. Design of clinics, nursing homes and hospitals may be submitted.


Spaces that can redefine the way patrons dine and spend their respite-full evenings, are the requisites of this category. Design of restaurants, bars, hotels, motels and casinos may be submitted.


A Campus design or a school complex that enables an all-round development of the amateur minds of our society is what we are looking forward to receive as an entry in this category.


Best Landscape design project featuring innovations in providing the comfortable living outdoor environment that characterizes new models for site planning.

Mixed Use

Mixed-use structure featuring a combination of one or more categories, such as hospitality and commercial or residential and commercial or a mixture of all the three categories.

Product Design

Best product design that is innovative solution to comfort living and environment. Furniture design either outdoor or indoor, public utility products or indoor design elements can be submitted.

Public Buildings

Libraries, Government structures, cultural and religious centers that have a defined sense of design and impart a bold aura onto the entire architectural ambiance.


In compliance with the contemporary scenario, we are looking forward to thesis projects that have been designed to influence the way we live and create spaces that can be amalgamated to call Home.


Tall buildings that influence the urban skyline of the contemporary cities through the design of office spaces, mixed use, residentials, instituions, commercial spaces like hotels.

Sports & Recreational

Design of sports complexes, stadiums, gymnasiums, gaming zones, adventure and theme parks may be submitted. Spaces that are appealing to the fitness connoisseur.

Town/ City Planning

The ideas capable of responding to emerging challenges in contemporary cities such as ecology, information technology, socialization and globalization. That rethink the living in the coming era.


Considering the lifestyle of the modern residents of the world, transport facilities and their deports play an integral function, aiding the daily commute of thousands of individuals.

Urban Design

Proposals that aim to magnify the beauty and functionality of the urban spaces that we stumble upon every day. Urban design strategies which transform cities into more stimulating environments for human life.

9th RTF | Architecture Construction & Design Awards 2020

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Architecture Construction
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