1.  Centre Pompidou, France

Exterior view  – Centre Pompidou

Year: 1977
Type: Culture and leisure
Location: Paris, France

2. Lloyd’s building, UK

Sunset view  – Lloyd’s building

Year: 1986
Type: Office building
Location: Lime Street, London

3. Millennium Dome, UK

A view from seaside  – Millennium Dome

Year: 1999
Type: Exhibition space
Location: Greenwich Peninsula, London, SE10, United Kingdom

4. European Court of Human Rights, France

Front Facade  – European Court of Human Rights building

Year: 1994
Type: Civic
Location: Strasbourg, France

5. Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport, Spain

Front Elevation – Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport

Year: 2004
Type: Public
Location: District of Barajas, Madrid

6. Heathrow Terminal 5

Perspective VIew  – Heathrow Terminal 5

Year: 2008
Type: Airport terminal
Location: Harmondsworth, London

7. Senedd, Wales

Front view  – Senedd

Year: 2006
Type: Assembly
Location: Cardiff, Wales

8. Hesperia Barcelona Tower Hotel, Spain

Front Elevation – Hesperia Barcelona Tower Hotel

Year: 2006
Type: Hotel
Location: Barcelona, Spain

9. Mossbourne Community Academy, UK

L-shaped view from the courtyard  – Mossbourne Community Academy

Year: 2004
Type: Academy
Location: London, UK

10. Paddington Waterside, UK

Looking down Kingdom Street from the amphitheatre in Sheldon Square- Paddington Waterside

Year: 2004
Location: London, UK

11. Ashford Designer Outlet

Front view  – Ashford Designer Outlet

Year: 2000
Type: Shopping  Centre
Location: Ashford, Kent, England

12. Lloyd’s Register, UK

Photo of the headquarters- Lloyd’s Register

Year: 1999
Type: Commercial
Location: London, UK

13. 88 Wood Street, UK

Front Elevation of the building – 88 Wood Street

Year:  1999
Type: Commercial Offices
Location: London, United Kingdom

14. 124 Horseferry Road

A complete view from the crossway – 124 Horseferry Road

Year:  1994
Type: Residential cum Commercial
Location: London, UK

15. Heathrow Airport

An aerial view of British Airways aircraft at Terminal 5C- Heathrow Airport

Year: 1989-2007
Type: Public
Location: Near Longford in Hillingdon borough, London

16. Marseille Provence Airport, France

A night view of building – Marseille Provence Airport

Year: 1989-1992
Type: Public
Location: Marignane, France

17. Reuters, UK

Exterior view  – Reuters

Year: 1992
Type: Division
Location: London, UK

18. International Towers Sydney

Front view of towers  – International Towers Sydney

Year: 2016
Type: Skyscraper
Location: Barangaroo, New South Wales, Australia

19. One Hyde Park, UK

Facade view of the apartment – One Hyde Park

Year: 2009
Type: Residential, retail
Location: London, United Kingdom

20. British Museum, UK

Aerial view – British Museum

Year: 2014
Type: Museum
Location: Great Russell Street, London, WC1B, United Kingdom

21. 3 World Trade Center, New York

Perspective of the skyscraper- 3 World Trade Centre

Year: 2018
Type: Office, Retail
Location: 175 Greenwich Street, Manhattan, New York 10007

22. Central Park, Taiwan

Front facade of the structure – Central Park

Year: 2008
Type: Public
Location: Sinsing, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

23. Inmos microprocessor factory, UK

Entrance view – Inmos microprocessor factory

Year: 1982
Type: Industrial
Location: Wales, UK

24. The River Café, London

Outdoor sittings in the restaurant – The River Café

Year: 1987
Type: Public
Location: London, UK

25. Terminal 4, Barajas Airport – Madrid

Front facade of the building  – Terminal 4, Barajas Airport

Year: 2005
Type: Public
Location: Madrid, Spain

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