Midori Architects

Scope of services: Architecture, Master Planning, Interior Design, Landscape Design, and Green Building Certificate.
Types of Built Projects: Residences and Commercial projects.
Locations of Built Projects: The projects are situated in Chennai, and expanding over a little in the vicinal cities.
Style of work: the firms works with minimalism where the form governs the design, and cavorting of modern materials.
Website: www.midoriarchitects.com

With a perspective that elements of a project lead to a greener and sustainable lifestyle, Midori Architects team up technology with sustainable practices to bring up eco- urban domain. They have environmentalists and experts on board which help in evaluation of buildings according to GBC, GRIHA AND LEED guidelines. The firm also participated in various competitions to promote sustainable and efficient habits of living.

[Residential] Olympia Opaline, Chennai, by Midori Architects and Designers | © Midori Architects


[Residential and Landscaping] Villas by the Bay, Chennai, by Midori Architects and Designers | © Midori

Mizzle Architects

Scope of services: Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design.
Types of Built Projects: Villas, Apartments, Commercial and Industrial complexes,Hospitals and Hotels.
Locations of Built Projects: It has 2 offices in Chennai, where the majority of the projects are located.
Style of work: It works with minimal, geometric forms, contemporary in nature.
Website: www.mizzlearchitects.com

The principal architect, Ravi Prasad, established the firm in 2014. Its vital aim is to process creative designs, which are feasible and viable to the clients. It achieves functional aesthetics with ease.

Villa by Mizzle Architects | © Mizzle Architects

MTA Architects

Scope of services: Architectural Design, Interior Design, Engineering solutions and Project Management.
Types of Built Projects: Residences, Offices, Institutions, Leisure and Retail and Healthcare buildings.
Locations of Built Projects: Most of the projects are located in Chennai, with a few in Pondicherry and other cities. The firm also has other branches in Karnataka from where it operates.
Style of work: Bold colours and forms dominate the designs with detailed intricacies and play of textures.
Website: www.mtaarch.com

Founded in 2001, MTA consists of young designers who work meticulously to meet the client’s needs. Some of the designs and ideations have gained notability and were published in the architectural journal of Indian Institute of Architects. The firm also has branches in Tirupur and Bengaluru, thus expanding foothold.

MGM Auditorium, Pondicherry, by MTA Architects | © MTA Architects


[Retail] Anantham Silks, Theni, Tamil Nadu by MTA Architects | © MTA Architects

Murali Architects

Scope of services: Architecture
Types of Built Projects: Residential, Institutional, Hospital, Leisure
Locations of Built Projects: Primarily Chennai. A few projects are spread in neighboring towns and cities
Style of work: Contemporary, Style-driven, Raw finishes 
Website: www.muraliarchitects.com

[Residence] Millennial Home by Murali Architects | © Murali Architects

Natraj and Venkat Architects

Scope of services: Architecture, Interior Design, Engineering solutions.
Types of Built Projects: Private Residences, Interior Design, Apartments, Institutions, Commercial buildings and Recreational projects.
Locations of Built Projects: Majority of the projects are located in Chennai and adjacent cities.
Style of work:  The design style is a mix of contemporary with vernacular techniques. The materials used are traditional, while spatial experience is fresh and crisp.
Website: nva.in

The firm was founded in 1984 by V.S.Natraj and A.Venkat, and since then it has been growing and winning accolades for their knowledge in design and quality services. It also has projects developed in collaboration with other foreign firms like, Hopkins, C.F.Moller, and RMA for multi-professional services. It has experience in all types of buildings, ranging from villas to schools, religious buildings, recreational sports clubs and grounds, to huge industrial complexes and healthcare projects. Over time and with 35 years of experience, the duo with its team has created an identity for themselves in the city.

[Senior Retirement Community] Aishwaryam, Chennai, by NVA Architects | © NVA Architects

OCI Architects- Oscar and Ponni

Scope of services: Architectural and Interior Design.
Types of Built Projects: Residences, Commercial and Corporate offices, Institutions, Hospitality, Stadiums, Hospitals and Medicare facilities.
Locations of Built Projects: The firm operates majorly in Chennai but also has a pan-Indian presence and has a few projects done internationally.
Style of work: It has modern design styles suiting according to the type of project.
Website: www.ociarchitects.com

It is a firm started by a husband and wife duo, in 1996 in Chennai. Since then it has been building up its name and has won many accolades in this field. It has more than 97 International, National and State awards. The firm has worked on numerous projects in India and even abroad.

[Apartments] Victoria Towers, Chennai by OCI Architects | © OCI Architects


Scope of services: Architectural Design, Interior Design, Project Management, Turnkey Contracting.
Types of Built Projects: Residential homes, Commercial offices, Conceptual Designs.
Locations of Built Projects: The projects are located in various cities of Tamil Nadu, like Chennai, Tirupur, and Coimbatore.
Style of work: They enforce strong collaborative processes and encourage research alternatives, improving the built environment. The approach is modernistic, and contemporary.
Website: www.offcentered.in

A Partnership firm pioneered by accomplished architects, Balasubramanian and Karthik Raju in the year of 2007 in Chennai. The firm strive to enhance user experience and the local community,  naming  it “generous  pragmatism”  the  balance  between thoughtfulness  and aesthetic beauty.

[Showroom] S. Selladurai Nadar Hotel & Catering, Chennai by Offcentered Interior Designers | © Offcentered


Scope of services: Landscape Architecture, Vertical Green systems, Green Roofing, Waterscapes and Maintenance.
Types of Built Projects: Villas, Resorts, Commercial buildings.Locations of Built Projects: The firm has works all over Chennai, Coimbatore, Salem, and other cities.
Style of work: Increasing the green cover of every built project, the firm evolves to promote healthy living with simple, traditional methods of sustainability.
Website: www.perikali.com

As an attempt to bring back the ecology, Perikali does extensive work in planting trees and its maintenance. It creates a better environment, and maintain the natural frequency of Earth, coinciding with that of our body.

Landscape for a Resort, Chennai by Perikali Designers | © Perikali


Scope of services: Landscape Architecture, Site Development, and Engineering.
Types of Built Projects: Residences and Villas, Townships, Hospitality, Commercial and Industrial complexes, Institutions, and Government buildings.
Locations of Built Projects: The projects span across various cities of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, most prominently in Chennai and Bengaluru.
Style of work: The designs are earthy, bringing in nature close to modern lifestyle.
Website: www.plantscapechennai.com

Established in1978, the firm advanced into numerous projects ranging from small residences to multi-special hospitals and lavish resorts. It does turnkey contract work and even provide consultancies. The design philosophies revolve around the existing site conditions, and their attempt to retain those features.

[Hospitality] Bansura Resort, Kerala by Plantscape Landscape Architects | © Plantscape

Pradhan Sethi Philip

Scope of services: Architecture and Interior Design.
Types of Built Projects: Villas and residences, Low cost Housing and Townships, Institutions, Hospitality, Corporate and Retail Interiors.
Locations of Built Projects: The firm has majority of its projects in Chennai, but also operates pan-India and has international clients as well.
Style of work: The firm strives to minimise the impact of the built environment on nature and gain efficiency in terms of design, materials, and the energy involved, thus creating a helm for sustainable architecture.
Website: www.pspdesign.in

PSP has been engaged in various international competitions, of which it won the 2nd place in National War Memorial, New Delhi in 2017. Various collaborations are done with foreign designers and firms, like Loisos + Ubbleohde and Orcutt Winslow, on a selective few projects.

[Institution] Monnet DAV Public School, Raipur by PSP Architects | © PSP

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