Seaport Circle is a new type of project– a hybrid building/landscape that fosters opportunities for social impact enriches the environment and creates economic opportunities for all. We believe our impact as designers, developers, builders, and investors should be measured not only by what we build but also by how much we positively influence people’s lives, the environment, and the economy during the full lifespan of the project.

Rethinking The Future Awards 2020
First Award | Mixed Use (Concept)

Project Name: Seaport Circle
Studio Name: Arrowstreet Inc.
Design Team: Arrowstreet, Moody Nolan, STUDIO ENÉE
Area: 618,000 SF
Year: 2019
Location: Boston, MA
Consultants: Developer: Lincoln Property Company, Placemaking & Branding: Davenport Advisors + ThinkArgus, MEP/FP Engineer/MBTA Planning: Arup, Landscape Architect: Offshoots
Photography Credits: Arrowstreet Inc.

Seaport Circle (at Parcel H) | Arrowstreet Inc. - Sheet1
©Arrowstreet Inc.

Compelling Program: An entry into the life science industry for under-represented residents in and around Boston. We have partnered with four mission-driven non-profits to train and create accessible career pathways into the innovation economy. The building program includes an incubator lab and community training lab, located in the podium level of the lab building, to foster burgeoning companies and facilitate connections established tenants above. With over 685,000 SF of lab, office, retail and community space, Seaport Circle will become a new life science hub in Boston.

Seaport Circle (at Parcel H) | Arrowstreet Inc. - Sheet2
©Arrowstreet Inc.

An Expanded Public Realm: Lifted off the ground as an elevated crossing for the Silver Line, these landscaped, sculptural bridges create intimate places for people to meet and exchange ideas while also connecting the Pavilion to the labs and adjacent developments. At street level, the public spaces extend through the center of the project, providing direct pedestrian paths between the waterfront and a new welcoming home for the Silver Line transit station.

Productive Landscape: Through phytoremediation, the landscape will restore the natural ecology of the site and mitigate air pollution from the adjacent highway. Our goal is to improve the health of the transit corridor and for the riders using it. Nature is intended to be an integral component of the architecture of the site, using the benefits of plants and landscape for the environment and the well-being of the users and the community. The project will ultimately provide 2.5 acres of landscape, green roofs, and public space.

Seaport Circle (at Parcel H) | Arrowstreet Inc. - Sheet3
©Arrowstreet Inc.

Sustainable and Resilient Design: Building performance is the new measure of design excellence. Our approach to resiliency and sustainability is to seamlessly integrate it into the design of the buildings and the public realm. The design is holistic, with landscape designed as a photo-forest to capture air particulates and mitigate stormwater impacts and urban heat island effects. Seaport Circle optimizes the outcomes for both the environment and people, providing a comprehensive strategy to achieve a high-performance building that is ready for climate change in the future. The sustainability of the building and net-zero performance is made visible in the high-performance skin, the extensive integration of landscape, and PV systems.

Seaport Circle (at Parcel H) | Arrowstreet Inc. - Sheet4
©Arrowstreet Inc.

Mobility Hub: To better link the surrounding neighborhoods to opportunities for advancement, this hub is anchored by a new transit station to replace an existing station stop. Designed as a seamless extension of the public realm and with space for last-mile transportation options for commuters, tourists, and area residents, the new station will increase the utility and safety while leveraging the existing transit network.


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