There isn’t a better way to start your day other than watching inspiring art, or in this case interior photographs, on your way to work, eh? Being more visited than prominent art galleries, many governments started paying attention to the architecture of metro stations. Some metro stations are being transformed into halls of art showcasing the cultural heritage of the country. Some appear to be classical like the Russian stations, others are inspired by marine cultures like the ones in Sweden, and others are abstract and vividly-colored like those in Germany.
While designing captivating interiors for these stations, architects take into consideration the easy in and outflow of passengers, protection from groundwater, as well as good ventilation.
Now, we will show you 10 extraordinary interior photographs of metro stations, from around the world, which almost feel like part of a science fiction movie. Here’s a spoiler: Germany dominates the list!

1  Bund Sightseeing Tunnel – Shanghai, China

The sightseeing tunnel runs from the Bund at the end of Nanjing Rd. to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Pudong. Its interior walls are adorned with changing colors and scenes to amuse the visitors during their journey across the tunnel.

2. Arts Et Métiers Station, Paris, France

This station got its name from the Museum of Arts and Crafts, located right above it. In 1994, the station was renovated by artist François Schuiten in a steampunk style that reminds you of the science fiction novels of Jules Verne.

3  Marienplatz Station, Munich, Germany

175,400 passengers a day flock to this station. Designed by Alexander Freiherr Von Branca, the interior walls of the station are famous for their orange color. The station comprises of four levels and has a shopping passage.

4 Candidplatz Station, Munich, Germany

The decorative scheme, of the inner walls and the platforms of the station, is composed of a wide range of colors that resembles a rainbow.

5 Olympia-Einkaufszentrum Station, Munich, Germany

The blue and yellow colors of the ceiling and the geometric metal finishing of the walls gives a futuristic sense to this U-Bahn metro station.

6 Metro Station Wilhelminaplein, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Lying south of Maas River, this station was designed by ZJA Zwarts & Jansma Architecten. The sleek curvy walls of the tunnels appear to mimic a giant alien spaceship.

7  Malostranská Station, Prague, Czech Republic

Opened in 1978, the interior walls of this station are clad in gold and green metallic rows of successive recessed hemispheres. The Sci-fi-like design of the station carries a notable, yet maybe unintended, resemblance to the interior of the Doctor’s Tardis!

8  HafenCity Universität Station, Hamburg, Germany

The changing colors of the platforms are inspired by HafenCity. The colors are attributed to the reflections from the Wharf Buildings’ red brick and the hulls’ iron and steel of the ships. The station is designed by Munich-based architecture firm Raupach Architekten.

9 Westfriedhof Station, Munich, Germany

11 large lamps, each measuring 3.80 meters in diameter, were installed at Westfriedhof Station in 2001. The lamps bathe the interior in red, blue, and yellow light.

10 Toledo Station – Naples, Italy

Designed by the Spanish firm Oscar Tusquets Blanca, the theme of the station revolves around water and light. It could take you a little while to realize that these teeny tiny pixels are mosaics with alternate shades of blue.

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