Biopozitivnaya architecture – the direction is far from new. Biopositive houses were built always, it was done by our distant ancestors, and not only in Ukraine. But what does this mean for us now? Alexey Kolerovy, one of the ideologists of biopositive architecture, answers this question today.


– Biopositive architecture – what is it?

“For us, it’s a new term, but for an architect involved in green building – a familiar concept. Biopositive architecture is the science of building a healthy home. The aura of each person is influenced by the house in which he lives – the materials from which his walls are made, the shape of the building, the way the house is located relative to the geopathogenic zones. The safest for aura are wooden houses. And the most positive are usually the houses from materials of minimal processing: clay or adobe.

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– What is the basis of knowledge about biopositive houses?

– The most important are three factors: the location of the house (geopathic zones), the form of the house itself and what the house was built of. There are many teachings in the world about how to build an ideal house: Indian Vastu, Slavic Vedas, Chinese feng shui. They describe similar physical manifestations in different words and terms, share with us the accumulated millennia of knowledge, backed up by practice. Many of them say that we live in an ocean of energies. Different teachings differently call these energies: the Chinese have it qi, Japanese have ki, the Indians have prana, the Jews have Ruach. Modern scientists have the term “torsion fields”. Fractures of the earth’s crust, underground currents – all affect the location of the house and the health of the tenants of this house.


“Is it only for walls?”

Important and location of large objects on the site – for example, the presence of a mountain or a lake. And if the house is located between them, it is optimal for its inhabitants, since this location balances the energy of the earth. If we understand that it is necessary to do this, then we form a landscape: dig a lake, pour a hill. Adapt the landscape, the geoplastic of the site according to the biopositivity of the house. Globally, the shape of the site and the relief affect the person more than the shape of the house


– Does your architectural bureau conduct such studies?

– We work with specialists who go to the site and investigate its energy – specify how the geophysicals lie, make a diagram of the location of the building, given its location in relation to the sides of the world. We offer a ready-made project taking into account all biopositive factors.

– Is the project of a healthy house much considering geopathogenic zones more expensive for the project?

“In fact, not more than fifteen or twenty percent, but health is much more expensive.” The very construction, by the way, is cheaper, so that the owners still manage to save on building a healthy house.

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