We are pleased to announce the results for RTF Sustainability Awards 2017. We received 486 Registrations from across the globe creating a new high in Sustainability Awards. Each of the winning project is one step forward towards the more sustainable future. Big comopliments to amazing projects and all the team work that goes in each of these projects and making them stand out in the industry. Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make these awards a Big Success!

Heartiest Congratulations to all the Winners!

1st Award | Commercial (Built)
Project: 451 7th Avenue by DLR Group
Google’s campus expansion in Kirkland, Washington focuses on environmental stewardship, health and well-being, and user experience to achieve a high-performance building design.

1st Award | Cultural (Built)
Project: Beicai Forest Park by Aecom
Slated as one of eight “green wedges” for the city of Shanghai’s 2040 Greenbelt Vision, the 2,600 acre Beicai Forest Park looks to reimagine the concept of a park. Deemed as a global city, Shanghai will deliver a park that is self-sustaining and a provider for the city’s future demands.

1st Award | Cultural (Concept)
Project: Idle to Ideal by Tai Yuan Huang
In today’s society, the density of living in the city is getting higher and higher, the physical distance between people is getting closer and closer, but the reliance on the network makes the actual distance between people farther and farther, therefore, if we can redesign the idle space like abandoned stadiums, old buildings, etc., turn them into the new connection between the citizen, we can enhance the feelings between people, gather the centripetal force between the community, reduce the conflict and the indifference between people.

1st Award | Hospitality (Built)
Project: Hue Hotel by CAZA
Design a tropical boutique hotel destination that draws the public in and fosters social connection through the use of different outdoor spaces that in turn support a range of hospitality experiences connected to an array of different natural environments.

1st Award | Housing 
Project: V4, Self-Circulation Housing by Tai Yuan Huang
The increase of cities is because of the high-density society, concentration of population, high density of living. However, cities become the core center of resources and pollution at the same time, vicious cycles only make cities unhealthy.

1st Award | Housing (Built)
Project: St. Andrews Institute of Technology and Management by Zero Energy Design Lab
The boys’ hostel was proposed as a linear built mass, in the existing master plan of the institute which posed challenges to create socially active and environmentally sustainable spaces. The linear block was twisted to accommodate a shaded entrance ramp (transitional space/summer court) and an open terrace (winter court) on south and north facades, respectively.

1st Award | Housing (Concept)
Project: Micro-towers reinventing wood by Innovative Form + Construction Intelligence SUTD
The design study responds to the challenge of RETHINKING THE FUTURE by focusing on wood as a renewable material and on the design of micro-towers in a tropical city in Southeast Asia. Most of the fastest growing cities in the tropics have expanded with massive consumption of concrete, steel and other non-renewable materials.

1st Award | Institutional
Project: The Urban Vista by Radhakrishnan T R
Redefining sustainability – Can architecture be defined by the landscape ? Can landscape in itself be an identity ? Can the artificial wall amongst people be broken ? The idea was inspired from the context, the site and the people. The essence of the CONTEXT was retained by creating a “ landscape + architecture” where architecture remained subtle while the landscape overpowered..

1st Award | Institutional (Concept)
Project: New Supreme Court by CAZA
Design a new Supreme Court building for the Philippines that responds to the complex operational needs of keeping the judicial system at work while standing as a symbol to how architecture can inspire a more sustainable future through deep connections with local history, culture and place.

1st Award – Interior – Corporate (Built)
Project: Design agency Van Berlo by Atelier van Berlo
The former power plant of Phillips in Eindhoven has been redeveloped into a multi-tenant office building for the innovative industry. This iconic landmark, that used to fuel the energy for Philips’ factories, now facilitates an open ecosystem to inspire collaboration and innovation.

1st Award | Interior – Residence (Built)
Project: the Noah’s Ark by Li-Wei Kuo
The project aims to discover the heartbreaking truth and history via mapping and research. Besides, the specific design especially reusing the thousand tons of disused pipes from the exhausting underground water system could be the most practical solution facing the local sustainability issues.

1st Award | Landscape Design
Project: A city with more than a thousand ponds by Yutzu Lai
Located in Taoyuan city, Taiwan, agricultural farm-pond is a historical and humane landscape. The pond irrigation system was the ancestor’s intention to increase the effective rainfall to overcome the particular climate pattern. A hundred years back, the area of farm ponds were more than a thousand units which area was 8900ha and covered 11.8% of Taoyuan. Farm pond was not only the agricultural heritage but also played an important role in ecology and community society.

1st Award | Landscape Design (Built)
Project: Neue Meile Böblingen by bauchplan ).(
The neue meile böblingen interprets a classical railway station street setting in a completely new way. having started out with an external view in the cooperative workshop, our task was to create a new „system of measurement“, a public space of reference for the city of böblingen. Hence, new qualities between a strip mall and recreational space were contrived in order to create a link between the old town and the railway station.

1st Award – Mixed Use
Project- The Social Waves by David Kharisma Putra
Located in the heart Surabaya city which is the second largest city in Indonesia make this building plays a very big role in the sustainability, not only in energy part but also in the social, cultural, and behavior aspect.  Also, Surabaya is a heroic city, where young people in history brought a very big impact to the city, so that by that reason, bringing a mix-used building that is not just for commercial use is a need, to facilitate mostly young community and enhance their lives and creativity.

1st Award – Mixed Use (Concept)
Project- Ocean Center City by CAZA
Design a civic center for a coastal village with a booming tourism market. The center should provide structures with year-round public use that range from recreational to commercial with the goal of giving local artisans and farmers a place to engage with outsiders while ensuring that centers is integrated into the ocean-side landscape in a way that acknowledges the massive risks by architecture from climate change.

1st Award – Office Building (Concept)
Project- BCDA office tower by CAZA
Design a headquarters tower for the most important urban planning agency in the country that makes architecture into a demonstration project for how buildings can become active agents in the formation of new habits for both humans and non-human species thereby creating a place for people to learn about the way their cities can become more sustainable.

1st Award – Pop-Ups & Temporary (Concept)
Project- Building block house by Yamamoto Taiki
This time I planned an island located in the east of Fujian Province of Mainland China, Taiwan Main Island on the site. Taiwan has a land of 35,980 kilometers, with a population of approximately 23 million people living. Taipei City has a population of about 2.7 million people, is the capital of Taiwan, and is also one of the world’s leading cities in Asia. The Xinyi District of the target site of this time is located somewhat south from the center of Taipei City.

1st Award – Product Design (Built)
Project- Clay Tiles Reincarnated by MANOJ PATEL DESIGN STUDIO
Products are part of a new wave of designers focusing on eco-friendly design and finding an outcome to many issues. A broad spectrum of issues are to be high-lightened by the idea of unused materials and their overlooked alternate uses.

1st Award – Public Building (Built)
Project- InsideOut School by Andrea Tabocchini & Francesca Vittorini
InsideOut is a school prototype built in Yeboahkrom, a rural village in Ghana where the wind had destroyed the only school of the area. This non-profit project won several international awards and was constructed in 60 days with just 12,000 euro, together with the local population and a group of volunteers from 20 different countries.

1st Award – Public Building (Concept)
Project- Etobicoke Civic Center by Henning Larsen & Adamson Associates Architects (USA)
The Design Brief for the new civic center of Etobicoke, Toronto, is based on four guiding principles that represent the overall qualities that the Centre should embody in the future.

1st Award – Residence (Built)
Project- Live Edge by Nathan Good Architects
Nestled into a bluff above the scenic Deschutes River in Central Oregon sits the LEED for Homes Platinum-Certified Live Edge residence, which combines a modern design aesthetic with an intricate molding to the terrain. The home utilizes extensive exterior terraces for outdoor living and is complete with an attached green house. The home was designed to weave around rock outcroppings and ragged juniper trees in the arid open-range environment.

1st Award – Transportation
Project- Atlanta Absorb and Release by Zazu Swistel
The advent of the air-conditioner brought about an era of explosive growth for cities in the American South.  Previously bridled by a hot and humid climate, Southerners became reliant on cars as portable air-conditioners, enabling the urban sprawl that is now characteristic of the region.

1st Award – Transportation (Concept)
Project- Kaohsiung Station, Kaohsiung, Taiwan by Mecanoo architecten
The new Kaohsiung Station is the crowning achievement of the massive Kaohsiung Metropolitan Area Underground Railway Project, which includes seven subterranean stations along a 9.75 km railway tunnel. It will be a true transportation hub integrating train, metro, local and intercity bus services, taxi and bicycle. As a key project for the city’s transformation, the above-ground station has been designed to add valuable public green space and activate the local community.

1st Award – Urban Design
Project- Weaving Communities A Bazaar Weekend by Samantha Ong
Situated on the outskirts of two larger cities, Athens and Piraeus, the existing Schisto Refugee Camp is nestled in the middle of an industrial park close to nowhere. By integrating a marketplace as the main program of the site, the camp potentially attracts vendors from the neighboring communities of Attica. Following the narrative of the weekly bazaar as the source of income and way of life, the relationship between the vendors and refugees could become linked and mutually beneficial.

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