Individual Projects

Tim Gabriel Apt
Using color cues in teal and terracotta, rooms speak in their own language, while more muted creams and beiges keep the background noise down. Complemented by a leaning fern canvas, the space winds round to a linen TV enclave, an earthy material continuing the natural theme. Carrying on the teal theme, the kitchen marks the spot for eating with complementary wooden dining room pendant lights. The bedroom reveals another feature color – terracotta red. Staking out a full wall, its two canvases provide the room with color, referenced by a small portrait on the bedside ledge. Reminiscent of the kitchen’s 70’s feel, the ensuite makes the hippy modern. A textured shower wall adds a surprising twist.

The 55sqm apartment in Kiev, Ukraine is inspired by being unique. Lifting off from a helicopter pad floor decal, the interior first presents us with a room-dividing plinth. Providing a relaxation area for music-themed home decor fans, a range of vinyls deck the wooden ledges lining the room, while a suede chaise lounge chair.Lit by the most unique of dining room pendant lights, a linen jellyfish hovers above the dining area, an eclectic collection of black-framed chairs and glass centerpieces. Each bringing a different style, the six chairs offer six unique personalities beside the table’s matching black feetThe kitchen breathes in similar tones to the dining room, using light wood and thick black motifs. Bordered by a white and grey bookcase and Japanese stencil windows, it retains a light and airy feel separate from adjoining spaces. Headed by lacquered wood and a geometric stencil, the bed appears bold amidst its grey and white surroundings. The bathroom is the perfect synergy of all the spaces. Carrying the bedroom’s stenciling and dining room’s dark framing, its black-edged tiles look effortlessly stylish and unique.

Buro511 – Rustic
Dark wood tone covers the walls of a massive open plan living space, coupled with a raw concrete fireplace towering to the rafters. Clerestory windows and double height panes create high views up into the which provide inspiration for the natural palette used within. A roaring open fireplace and beautiful modern lighting schemes glow in the deep decor scheme, highlighting rough textures and throwing sheen over smooth finishes along with the sumptuous furniture.

ZOOI Interior studio
A loft size apartment with modern cozy feel which highlights the historical values of the space. Black painted wall paneling, exposed brick, and dark grey soft furnishings join together to make a sophisticated eclectic living room with a minimalist vibe. Cool floor lamps throw light over the compilation of textures, and at orange accent cushions and wall art.

Rich jewel tones set off this dramatic modern home interior. A backdrop of grey, black and natural wood grain make a sharp setting for deep hued accent pieces to come alive, bringing character and warmth. As we move through the luxury abode, we discover more of the strong flavour, in a minimalist kitchen with maximalist wine rack, an extra lounge, a high-end master bedroom and stunning walk-in closets. The bathrooms are dark and dressed to kill too, where black basins and wooden bathtubs meet sleek marble floors and slick statement pendant lighting.

Behence Black Apt
This is a perfect example of elegant design aided by black interior with metallic bling as highlights. The apartment though monochromatic and dull lit the wooden flooring and adds dynamics to the space making it surprisingly bigger than it seems.

This is a nature inspired living unit which follows the open plan concept. The neutral colour palette and linear organization of the space makes it simple and cozy along with the addition of elements from the ocean.

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