Arena DESIGN 2017 is not only an exhibition where you can see the best projects from Poland and the world. The program of the event is full of interesting lectures that can not be missed.

Arena DESIGN is the only event in Poland which is a space designed primarily for the need of co-designers with entrepreneurs. That is why the organizers of the event pay very much attention to the lectures, workshops and discussion panels conducted by well-known experts, which take place in the Forum area on March 14-17. So far, their focus has focused on, among others, materials, design processes and ergonomics in design. However, the theme of the ninth edition of the event will be the senses (‘SENSES’). The complete educational program of arena DESIGN 2017 can be found here . However, we decided to make it easier for you to do the job and we chose 5 lectures on which you just have to be.
1. ‘Inspiration for ideas’ – Constantin Wortmann, NEXT (15 March, 12: 00-13: 00, Forum)

Constantin Wortmann
German designer studied industrial design in Hamburg and Munich. In the second year he worked first as a trainee and then as an independent designer in Ingo Maurer’s lighting master team. In 1998, as a student, he co-created the design studio ‘Büro für Form with Benjamin Hopf’. He is the author of projects for brands: Ycami, VIBIA, Modolove, Kundalini and Authentics. In 2004 BFF started working with OSRAM. Since 2006 designer works for Georg Jensen and Dark.

Constantin Wortmann will not come to the arena with the same lecture. At the VIVA light show you will be able to see the latest developments produced by the NEXT brand.

BLUBB lamps made from blown glass will be shown for the first time (lamps made in Polish glassworks in close cooperation with the designer).

2. ‘At home in the world’ – Doshi & Levien Studio (March 14, 12: 00-13: 00, Forum)
Jonathan Levien and Nipa Doshi, founders of Doshi Levien; Photo by George Powell.
In this course, the inaugural lecture will be hosted by Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien, special guests at arena DESIGN 2017. Nipa grew up in India and studied design at the National Institute of Design. Jonathan specialized in furniture and later industrial design. Designers have met at the Royal College of Art and have been working together in their London studio for over 10 years.

Their projects combine elements of several worlds. Nipa smuggles in their origin and special sensitivity to visual arts.

Jonathan’s approach to design comes from a combination of precision, sensuality and deep understanding of materials. Studio cooperates, among others. With such well-known brands as Moroso, Kvadrat, B & B Italia, Cappellini, Camper, Swarovski and Galerie KREO.
– We are extremely pleased that this year’s inaugural lecture will be hosted by Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien. Their projects display elements of different cultures, technologies, history of industrial design and craftsmanship. Their works fit perfectly in the theme of the arena DESIGN 2017, ie senses – comments Małgorzata Czubak, director of the arena DESIGN project.

3. ‘How to promote your projects on the web?’ – Michał Bachowski, F5 (13 March, 13: 15-14: 00, Forum)
Michał Bachowski, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of F5
Until recently, it was thought that the intentional and independent creation of content that spread like a plague in the network is impossible. However, it turned out that the viral is the most reproducible, which is enjoyed by both Internet stars and modern marketers.

Participants will learn how to use viral components to promote their own projects.

The subject will be introduced by Michał Bachowski, who started his career at the Institute of Industrial Design, where he worked on consulting projects for such companies as Leroy Merlin, PROFIm or Zelmer. In 2012 he joined the F5 team, where he co-creates an innovative content marketing platform F5 Online and successfully transforms his passion for the profession by writing about market trends and culture.

4. ‘See Touch Feel – Surfaces of Schattdecor’ – Claudia Kuechen, Schattdecor (14 March, 14: 00-14: 45, Forum)
Claudia Küchen, Director of Design and Marketing, Schattdecor AG
Claudia Küchen started her professional career as a textile designer known for the Heimtextilien maki. She then worked as a product manager at a clothing company where she gathered experience in model trends, concept development and color selection.

For 17 years he has been associated with the Schattdecor Group, where he runs an international group of designers who are involved in the creation and promotion of new design trends in the decorative paper and finish film industries.

He is responsible for the design throughout the group, acting as the director of the design and marketing department and the company’s proprietor. During the DESIGN 2017 arena, Claudia Küchen will lead the presentation of ‘See Touch Feel – Surfaces of Schattdecor’, referring to the theme of the festival theme and the products of the company.

5. ‘New proposals for color trends in design’ – Francesca Valan, Lechler, School of Form (16 March, 12: 00-12: 45, Forum) 
Francesca Valan, Lechler, School of FormFrancesca Valan, Lechler, School of Form
Francesca Valan’s work focuses on building a product identity by designing its color, material, and finish (CMF Design). The designer works with international companies, designing colors for a variety of items such as computers, office furniture, household appliances, or sports equipment.

Francesca Valan teaches Color Design at the European Design Institute and the Polytechnic School of Milan, working with many universities, architectural and design offices. For the Lechler brand, we design Color Design.

This comprehensive tool provides technical guidance and inspiration in choosing the right color and finish of the paintwork, designed for manufacturers and designers working in industries such as industry, automotive, sailing and decor.

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