Architects project themselves into the human figure. So if we compare drawings from different architects, we frequently find differences in body shape and body activity, for practicing architects often represent their own ideologies as a reference for understanding the human physical condition.
Noor Makkiya compiled a list of 21 human sketches by famous architects, It’s interesting to see how much of each architect’s personal sense of style can be reflected in a simple doodle of a person, and how each artist truly has their own distinct approach to form construction.

#20 Leonardo Da Vinci

20 Human Silhouettes (1)

#19 Le Corbusier

20 Human Silhouettes (2)

#18 Mies van de Rohe

20 Human Silhouettes (3)

#17 Alvaro Siza

20 Human Silhouettes (4)

#16 Claude Parent

20 Human Silhouettes (5)

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